September 27, 2021 Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic through Music and Arts: NCAC and UNESCO initiative lauded Following the outbreak of Covid-19 Virus in December 2019 and its rapid spread, The Gambia did... Read more »

Members of Coalition 2016 treated Gambia as ‘war booty’

July 14, 2021 The Gambia is not make any progress development wise, because members of the political parties that formed the Opposition Coalition that defeated Yahya Jammeh in the 2016 Presidential Elections... Read more »

Sidia Jatta insists that ministers must be present at the National Assembly

By Maria Lopes July 7, 2021 The National Assembly Member for Wuli West has insisted that cabinet ministers must be present rather than permanent secretaries representing them or speaking on their behalf... Read more »

Will Gambia having a VMS enough to save declining fish stocks?

By Ismaila Sonko & Maria Lopes July 7, 2021 For long Gambia was the only country in West Africa without a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), a fact acknowledged by James F. Gomes,... Read more »

Gambian commuters decry charging of double fare by ‘shylock drivers’

Gambian commuters are lamenting the shylock attitude of transporters in the country, who, in recent times, have been charging double fare for routes in the Greater Banjul Area. In a bid to... Read more »