Editorial: Leasing Of Strategic National Assets Without Public Knowledge Is Concerning

The Senegambia toll bridge has become the latest strategic national asset to be leased by the Gambia government without public knowledge. Before surrendering the rights over the bridge to Africa 50 at... Read more »

What the gallant Scorpions did!

By Michael Hamadi Secka  January 24, 2022 I never thought We have got talents I never expected We have got such heroes Like in a dark cloud The shone like a galaxy... Read more »

Caretaker cabinet for political expediency?

By D. A. Jawo January 24, 2022 Most Gambians are quite confused as to why President Adama Barrow should decide to swear in a “Caretaker” cabinet instead of a new cabinet to... Read more »

Who will remain in Barrow’s new era?

News Desk January 19, 2022 As the president is all but set to assume a fresh mandate, Gambians expect him to deliver, and improve their living conditions better than what they had... Read more »

DA Jawo, Dr Cernu Barry and Madi Jobarteh “Foreigners Voting” Debate Rages on

By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT January 13, 2020 It started with “A Piece of Advice to President-elect Barrow” published on social media by the former Minister of Information Demba Ali Jawo. However, it... Read more »


THUMBS UP TO THE NPP By Sulayman Bokar Bah January 4, 2022 One thing I found to be very fascinating about the NPP is the level of tolerance manifested by the party... Read more »