What the gallant Scorpions did!

By Michael Hamadi Secka  January 24, 2022

I never thought

We have got talents

I never expected

We have got such heroes

Like in a dark cloud

The shone like a galaxy of stars

Like in a dark grave

They lit like wild fire

This energy

They had displayed

Thus had erased all the blames

Thus had cleansed even the dry tears

That got stuck on Biri-Biri face

I wonder 

How such young tendrils

Of little experience

Could prove the whole world wrong

Do not take them for their size

They did it

They will do it again

Their life had been illuminated

Their progress had tumbled up and down

At times

When the National Anthem

Was sang

I became fascinated

Not by the melody but the zest and zealotry professed by these starlets

Look at them 

As they moved their tiny lips

Mumbling the tune of the melodies song

Hiding the skills and determination of these starlets

My spirits grow higher


You are great

You are patriotic

You are nationalistic

You ambassadors of good will

For Guinea

Kick the hell out of them

You are of a better standard

All that they possess

Is silly and outdated football skills

As you stung Mauritania

As you disappointed Mali 

As you ridiculed Tunisia

Butcher ,brandish, blow and Bewitch Guinea

At the mention of your name

They had trembled over and over

They had sweated bucketfuls of water

They had millions of sleepless nights

With all kick the hell out of them

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