VP Jallow’s Traffic Footprint Engenders Calls For His Relocation To Fajara

There were disapprovals over the traffic quagmire created by the Gambia’s Vice President’s motorcade on every morning of every working day. Vice President Momodou Jallow remained reluctant to move to the well-manicured and fortified seafront official VP residence in Fajara.

His predecessor, late Dr. Alieu Badara Joof, also refused to relocate to the residence following the termination of his predecessor’s services. VP Jallow, like Dr. Joof, has been accused of causing traffic stresses along the roads of the Greater Banjul Area. He currently lives in Farato in the western region of The Gambia just a spitting distance from his predecessor’s residence in Banjulinding.

“He needs to relocate and save us this traffic nightmare,”a civil servant,who commutes to work in Banjul from Farato, complained.

“Why is he still reluctant to move to the VP residence? I think he would soon consider moving, considering the traffic gridlock his motorcade had been causing,” greengrocer Fatou Kanyi said as she spoke with The Progress.

“As a hugely high-value government figure, the most prudent thing for Mr. Jallow to do, is to relocate. He can also save commuters travel time by doing the right thing,”one of our interlocutors commented.  “I think he should be able to understand why the late VP Dr. Joof was keen on erecting security towers at his Banjulinding home when he declined to move to Fajara. You don’t need to be a security expert to discern this,” he added. 

“He(VP Jallow)is really becoming a nuisance. The daily blaring of his motorcade’s siren at rush hours is becoming unbearable. And, he should understand this. At least,so I hope,” commuter Muhammed Manneh said as he spoke with this reporter at the Airport Junction. VP Jallow has been scathingly criticized for causing traffic nightmare from Farato to Airport Junction and Bertil Harding Highway as he reported to work in Banjul from his Farato home.

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