NACOFAG and ROOTS project on Nationwide consultations for Food processors

The National Coordinating Organization for Farmers Associations in the Gambia NACOFAG in collaboration with the ROOTS Project supported the National Association of Food Processors (NAFP) for the conduct of Regional Consultations for the 6 Agricultural Regions and the Greater Banjul Area.

According to the National Coordinator of NACOFAG, Alieu Sowe, the objective of the consultation is to reorganize the membership of the Association, its Regional committees, Governance structure in terms of roles and responsibilities, access to information, markets and stakeholder’s partnership building at the Regional levels.

“The consultation will also pave the way for the preparation of the Association Regional and National Congresses through a decentralization approach. Before its Congresses, the event will also highlight the mapping and identification of the addresses, contacts, gender, and the three main products of each of the Processors.

The establishment of Regional and National WhatsApp groups, emails, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts are central to the Consultation. The consultation will also feature Regional Radio talk shows regarding the roles and responsibilities of the Association towards household food, nutrition, income, and employment security as well as stressing contract negotiations with the producers, especially for those in rice, vegetables, poultry, and cereal production.

Make visibility of the Association. Therefore, NACOFAG and the ROOTS Project under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and IFAD solicit the mobilization and consolidation of the Food Processors fraternity into a National Association of Food Processors.”

Mr. Sowe added that the project is expected to support the institutional strengthening of the Association by supporting the establishment of the Secretariat of the Association, processing centre, and capacity building along the value chain, especially on the packaging, labelling, branding, quality, safety, standards, and certification”. The consultation is planned to end August 3rd, 2023. Once again thanks to IFAD, the ROOTS project team, and the Ministry of Agriculture for the collaboration and support with the Farmers and Farmers Organizations.”

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