Three arrested for ‘attempting’ to smuggle drugs into Mile Il

By M. Justice Darboe January 14, 2022 Three young Gambians, who reportedly dared to smuggle illicit drugs into the country’s main prison, have been arrested. The anti-narcotics agency said on Thursday that... Read more »

PERECO Chair outlines Foundation’s achievements

September 27, 2021 By Ebrima Sowe The Chairman of Peace Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution Foundation (PERECO) has outlined the Foundation’s achievements since its inception. Dr. Bishop Denis Elijah Ejila said the Foundation... Read more »

Informal cross-border trade takes centre-stage at Ecowas retreat

September 27, 2021 Informal Cross Border Trade took the centre-stage at an Ecowas retreat held from the 16-18 September 2021 in Accra, Ghana. The planning retreat was in collaboration with Permanent Interstate... Read more »

African leaders are masters at ‘post-truth’ politics

“Post-truth” politics may have recently trended, but since independence from colonialism African leaders have been the most adroit exponents of manipulating the truth, distorting facts and fashioning alternative realities to cover-up their... Read more »


Editorial July 7, 2021 Peace campaigns in sub-Saharan Africa result from five inter-related factors: the ideal of orderly elections and potential to instrumentalise peace encourages a diverse range of actors to invest... Read more »

ECOLink boosts Ecowas institutions on International Public Sector Accounting Standards

By Vincent Ogo June 28, 2021 The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in 2015 launched its Integrated Management System known as ECOLink, an automated administrative and financial regulation system which... Read more »

Increased corn production could have double impact on the economy

By Njie Baldeh and Vincent Ogo June 28, 2021 Massive corn production could have double economic impact on The Gambia as at it will lead to the country becoming self-sufficient in poultry... Read more »

Why Valletta has not done much in stemming illegal migration of Gambian youths

By Vincent Ogo June 28, 2021 The Migration Summit held in November 2015 in Valletta, Malta, that was attended by European and African leaders was convened principally to seek ways of tackling... Read more »

THIS WEEKEND Political Gimmicks

By Vincent Ogo Chaka: Your face gives me the impression that you are still grieving, Ebrima. Ebrima: Sure. I feel as bad as a student that flunked the most important examination in... Read more »

The challenge of reducing seasonality in Destination Gambia

By Vincent Ogo Expanding the tourism period and reducing seasonality is of paramount importance for any travel destination. Gambia has a well-developed tourism infrastructure with the country committed to expanding its tourism... Read more »