PERECO Chair outlines Foundation’s achievements

September 27, 2021

By Ebrima Sowe

The Chairman of Peace Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution Foundation (PERECO) has outlined the Foundation’s achievements since its inception. Dr. Bishop Denis Elijah Ejila said the Foundation was established in 2014 and its main objective is providing peace education, as well as sensitise the public on the negative impact of conflict during and after elections.

He recalled that during the 2016 Presidential Election in The Gambia, especially after former President Jammeh rejected the result, leading to a political impasse in the country, PERECO embarked on peace education through radio jingles in different radio stations, both in English and in the local languages.

Bishop Ejila further stated that the Foundation assisted poor families with food items during the impasse.  “We also organised workshops in which we sensitised the public on the peace and reconciliation process, as well as providing scholarships to children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their education, and we are looking forward  to do more  in future if we are able to get funding,” he added.

He declared that the Foundation is for the entire nation, adding that they are also looking forward to having reliable partners who can support, so that they can be able to carry out various developmental projects across the nation.

 “I am the sold financier of this project and also supported by the Jesus Ministry. The corona virus global pandemic also affected the Foundation in so many ways, because we are completely shut down, and could not embark on any other activity due to fear of the transmission of the virus. 

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