DLEAG Starts 2022 with unabated fight on drugs

By Bubacarr Komma January 6, 2022

Ousman Saidybah PRO Drug Law Enforcement Agency Gambia PHOTO CREDIT: The Fatu Network

One Mariam Ceesay, an adult female Gambian and a housewife was apprehended on the 1 January 2022 around 20:05 GMT onwards with one (1) parcel and six (6) wraps of suspected cannabis sativa as well as seven (7) stones of suspected cannabis resin (hashish). She was arrested in Bundung by agents of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency’s (DLEAG) Bundung Field Office.

One Demba Jobe was clutched by DLEAG’s Serrekunda field office with twenty (20) stones of suspected hashish and thirty-six (36) stones of ecstasy. He was nabbed on the 31 December 2021 at Kololi.

Another adult male Gambian was also arrested at Kololi on the 31 December 2021 with six (6) small bundles and eighteen (18) parcels of suspected cannabis sativa. Forty years old Lamin Bajo was arrested by DLEAG’s Serrekunda field office.

In the West Coast Region, DLEAG’s Sanyang field office took into custody one Mustapha Sawaneh, an adult male Gambian, and a resident of Sukuta Jola Kunda on charges of being in possession of a prohibited drug. He was arrested in Sukuta on the 1 January 2022 around 03:13 GMT onwards with four (4) parcels and forty-one (41) wraps of suspected cannabis

All four suspects were taken into custody while investigations continue, DLEAG writes on their social media platform.

And in a brief interview with The Progress Newspaper, PRO Ousman Saidybah explains “From January to September 2021 the agency seized 2 tons, 222 kg, 167g and 993 mg of hashish. Also, 2 tons, 952 kg, 946 g, and 770 mg of cocaine, and 707 tablets of controlled drugs and 68 gm and 280 mg of heroine.

The agency registered 642 cases involving 634 persons. Most of those arrested had two or more cases hence the reason for fewer people compared to the number of the cases”.

He continues, December 20, 2020, for instance, our operatives successfully interdicted five hundred and two (502) blocks of hashish weighing 225 kg and 760 gm of cannabis resin also referred to as hashish at old Yundum and Brusibi Phase 1 respectively.

The total quantities of drugs sized from 2018 to 2020 is worrying. Seven tons, 847 kg, 871 gm and 61 mg of cannabis sativa. 58 kg, 905 g, and 343 mg of cocaine. Also 243 kg, 893 g, 210 mg of hashish and 1368 tablets of controlled drugs comprising diazepam, clonazepam, bromazepam, ecstasy etc. And 24 gm, 400 mg of heroin. One can find more information about this on our website”.

He added that in 2019, for instance 145 cases were determined in court and 121 were convicted while 24 of them were acquitted. ‘The agency has over years conducted more than 750 radio program and television shown to sensitize people on harmful effect of drug. The crusade on drugs is a daunting challenge and a persistent phenomenon facing countries across the globe’.

He added: ‘The advent of New Psychoactive Substance (NSP) is changing the dynamics and constantly changing trafficking routes and concealment methods making it even more challenging’.

He continued: ‘The impact of the drugs menace can be felt on all spheres of society. We must all therefore join the bandwagon in the crusade on fight against drugs. Government has responsibility to keep our society safe, but society also has a responsibility to ensure that our homes and communities remains healthy and safe environment for our young ones to grow up and realize their potentials’.

He called on heads of households and those concern in the management of premises and business entities to ensure that drugs related activities do not take place within such premises or facilities, and on  youths to value their lives and make a healthy choice.

The PRO of DLEAG offered an advice: ‘There is nothing substantive to gain from the life of dealing with drugs or abusing drugs except loss and regrets irrespective of how fanciful it may appear to some. No one ever attain peace from ill gotten wealth. Let us therefore continue to strive and exercise patience in whatever endeavour we might be engaged in.

Many youths who failed to heed have had their lives waisted and ended up without any form of education, skill, or trade. Some ended up becoming psychotic while others suffered severe medical complications. Other got involved in drug induced crime or drug related accidents with others incarcerated for very long time. It therefore does not worth it and cannot beget any positive results’.

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