Editorial The Gambia is not a failed nation but…

January 17, 2022

The Gambia is not a failed state. Far from it. But can it be said that the country will soon be tethering towards this direction if measures are not taken. To call Gambia a failed state may be a misnomer because most of the institutions of state are running albeit with lots of deficiencies.

But then, one may be forgiven to say the harbinger for a failing state is clear as crystal. What a bad omen to a failing state than when the streets are being ruled by criminals, personal security and safety and that of property not guaranteed?

What is the future of a nation where more and more people are plunged deeper into poverty by each passing day? What does the future hold for a country where most of the population are food insecure?

What does the future promise for a country where economic growth on paper does not translate to any tangible benefits for the poor, hungry stomachs? Many argue that criminals will continue to overrun our streets and communities as long as a political party can be more well-resourced than the police.

The police lack adequate resources to fight crime. They don’t have enough vehicles and if they do, fuel is most of the time a nightmare. Provision of security of persons and that of property is the primary responsibility of the State. The State must be seen to be responsive to the security needs of the citizens, especially those who are paying taxes to sustain the arteries of the government.

Our police and other security agencies must be prepared for the task of making our streets and homes safe. And this can be done when they are well-resourced like other political parties are. Government should also explore means of streamlining technology in the country’s crime control strategies. The alarming cases of murder, burglaries, rape, robberies, and other crimes violent in nature must seize and now!

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