Fatoumatta Touma Njai NAM for Banjul South to table private members´ bill to increase women´s participation in parliament

By Bubacarr Komma January 7, 2022

Fatoumatta Touma Njai NAM Banjul South

Touma Njie, the National Assembly Memebrs for Banjul south has told Progress newspaper in

an interview that she is working on a private member’s bill to increase women representation in

The Gambian legislature. The bill will reserve sixteen seats specifically for women, two seats

from each region and two seat for people who are physically challenged. ‘Because I believe that

I am one of only three elected female Members of Parliament (MP); we need more female MPs.

Hopefully, the Bill will be tabled in February 2022 session and pass before April. Unfortunately,

it will not take effect in this April 2022 election because of some delays. The reason for the delay

of my bill is because we had to rely on Ministry of Justice to go through our draft. I sourced for

funding to sponsor the bill, and it was well drafted, but because the parliament didn’t have strong

legal or drafting unit, it must go to the Ministry of Justice and that is where the delay happened.

This bill was validated since April 2021, and we had enough time for it to take effect in this

April 2022 election’ she explained.

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