Police Celebrate December 4th victory

By Bubacarr Komma January 4, 2022

IGP Abdoulie Sanyang

Hopes were high after the end of Jammeh´s dictatorship, people all over the country are singing and advocating for system and institutional reform where public and civil service will be apolitical, and the security service of the country will stay away from politics, but this aspiration is far fetch. What has changed is simply a cosmetic makeup change.

 During Jammeh´s rule all government institution were turned to a political and propaganda tool serving his interest. Members of public, civil and security service are use in his campaign and after elections they will all organised victory celebration at their various departments. This includes even the wives of the security officers.

One would have taught such thing would stop after shifting to democracy from dictatorship. But the problem of Gambia and Africa in general is not the leaders but the people themselves. There is an audio going rounds in social media purpotetly from the fan group of the Vice President Isatou Touray where a supporter of President Barrow´s National People´s Party (NPP) was thanking the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Abdoulie Sanyang for donating a bull to NPP Brikama Wellingara Branch through his sister Maimuna Sanyang for their 4th December 2021 victory celebration.

The Progress Newspaper didn´t only rely on the viral audio but has endeavor to verify it from different source and all confirmed the story to be accurate.

Lala Camara Police Commissioner Banjul

Just like the old norm, the Police Commissioner of Banjul Lala Camara also organised a victory celebration with her colleagues on Sunday, 26th December 2021 at Banjul Police Old Line. They wear “Asobis” and the officers who were perceived to by opposition were alienated.

“I attain this event against my will not because I don´t support the president but I want to stay away from politics, being this government or any other government to come. This that is very difficult in this country especially among women colleagues. They keep provoking you with their pettiness and this is very difficult to bear especially in security force. And they will keep gossiping you to our superiors and as result you will be denied promotions”. An officer explain in a sad and low voice tune.

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