Comium’s resurgence inspires new hope


In what could be described as a promising move after the recent meeting with President Adama Barrow, the new management of the beleaguered GSM company are confident about the prospects of reviving the fortunes of Comium and turning a corner in building a better company.

In our August 27, 2021 edition, The Progress Newspaper reported about Comium´s default of settling their tax arrears. And September 17, 2021, PURA reacted by announcing a notice of suspension of the company in a press release. “In accordance with the PURA Act 2001, the Information and Communications Act 2009 and the relevant applicable Regulations, PURA is informing the public that Comium Gambia Limited have been served with a notice of suspension and given up to 1st October 2021 to show cause why PURA should not suspend their operating licenses,” PURA said.

October 6, 2021, Comium management hosted a press conference at their headquarters announcing a new investor, Monty Mobile, UK based telecommunication service provider. From now onward, the new investor will settle all its debts in a relatively short period of time.

However, PURA didn’t look back as they hold on to their word and the company was subsequently closed for about two (2) weeks. The staff protested against the closure holding different placards, two among them reads: “We have families to feed” and “PURA I am also a consumer”. The new management company settled all its debts and promised to revive the company.

And they have since stated working on improving the company, an insider told The Progress Newspaper. “We have high hopes in this investor, I’m sure within a relatively short period of time, Comium will be the leading GSM company in Gambia”, the insider added. On January 21, 2022, the heads of Monty Mobile/Comium met President Barrow at state house to inform the president about their plans for the company.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Marwan Azar Khoury, Monty Mobile Chief Operating Officer, told the reporters: “ We came to congratulate his excellency on his second term, we presented our partnership jointly as Comium and Monty Mobile, we elaborated on this partnership and we inform the president with our plans on a high level and what this partnership is going to do for The Gambia, we have lot of plans in place and you will see the outcome shortly this year”.

Elie Abou Assali, Monty Mobile Head of Legal “We thank his excellency for allowing us to invest in The Gambia and given the opportunity to assist in providing our services to the Gambian people. We’re better together”.

Lucienne Hanna, Monty Mobile HR Group Director “I am here to review the restructuring of Comium and to attract good talents, I am approaching the University and people of The Gambia”. Abdallah Abou Dayeh, Managing Director of Comium promised a better coverage and 4G as well.

Comium is the first telecommunication company in Gambia to introduce mobile internet service, asking customers about their experience with the company, “Comium started doing very well, their mobile internet service was new in the country, and it is good. Though you cannot compare it with the modern technology. But it was excellent at the time”, said one Binta Ceesay.

“Comium really had a time, I hope they can come back with full force, oh I used to activate their Bananza Service to connect with my family and friends. And they are not stealing our units”, a customer said.

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