Is it case of Bakau-style discoloration of NAWEC water?

By: Momodou Justice Darboe

Several consumers in parts of Serekunda have complained of a worrying drop in the quality of water being supplied by the country’s utilities corporation. Residents of Serekunda central area have been speaking of noticing some foreign elements in the water coming from NAWEC pipes.

“You can notice that the water sometimes turns black if you put the tap on,” said a concerned resident of Serekunda Bartess Binta Sanneh. “This is quite scary, at least in health term,” added another resident Njaga Faal.

“The sad bit of it all is that NAWEC could neither explain to us why the discoloration of the water nor when it will be tackled,” said another interlocutor. It would be recalled that health fears were in 2021 raised in the coastal town of Bakau over the ‘discoloration’ of water being supplied to the community by NAWEC.

But it’s not only the ‘adulteration’ of NAWEC water that concerns some residents of the Bartess area of Serekunda. ” The soap cannot lather properly in the water. I don’t know whether this is a case of the water hardening,” resident of the market area of Serekunda Maimuna Jallow told this reporter. Our request to NAWEC for clarification on these concerns and germane issues will be followed up in the coming days.

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