Central Badibou NAM says gov’t should not politicise policies

Sulayman Saho, National Assembly Member for Centra Badibou

The National Assembly Member for Central Badibou and Chairman of the Select Committee on Government Projects Monitoring has advised government not to politicise its policies, if it wants The Gambia to succeed. He warned that Gambia will fail as a nation if policies and programmes are driven by [selfish] political agenda.

Sulayman Saho was speaking during an interview with The Progress Newspaper shortly after he wrapped-up a projects monitoring tour of the country.

He also called on the government of The Gambia through the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure to prioritise government projects across the country for the betterment of Gambians. He said many of the projects are progressing well, but admitted that some do have challenges and so his Committee has recommended for a more thorough environmental assessment, as some farmers lost their land to road construction.

Commenting on the Organisation for Islamic Conference (OIC) Summit to be hosted in The Gambia in 2022, the Central Badibou NAM said: “We have the belief that the Organisation for Islamic Conference will go through because we are not looking at the road constructions physically; we are looking at the level of the negotiation for securing funding and 93 million dollars has been secured already while 83 million is being negotiated and I believe soon that will come because they are at the final stage.”

He assured Gambians that whether or not the OIC Summit takes place, the projects being executed for that purpose will always stay in the country for the benefit of the citizenry.

Saho disclosed that the government of The Gambia through the Ministry of Works has compensated all the people whose properties were encroached upon by roads construction, and that notification was given to them two years ago.

He explained that the projects have different components, which include the expansion of the road, extension of electricity and potable drinking water for all Gambians.

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