Editorial: Russia must stop this senseless war in Ukraine

A threat to peace in one clime of the globe should indeed be considered a threat everywhere. When Russia began its troop build-up along the Ukrainian border, many had shrugged off the prospect of an invasion.
They may be excused for this strategic error of judgement because it was unfathomable at the time Europe was about to be dragged into ground warfare at this age. But then, it became real.  War appeared as large as life on the door – step of Europe and the resulting humanitarian catastrophe is here for all to see.
Families are being torn apart, hunger increasingly becoming instrument of war and the wholesale damage to infrastructure as Russia’s strategic approach to the invasion and the looming refugee crisis are all inexcusable and quite concerning.

Putin should stop this senseless war!

Ukrainians deserve peace and should be allowed to run their country. Russia’s geo-political interest should not jeopardize the peace of Ukraine. Therefore, from China to Gambia, Syria to Senegal, the world must be united in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Though, we have yet to hear that The Gambia government has raised even an index finger to Putin for him to come to his senses.

State House may explain. As governments-in-waiting, we also expect our opposition political parties to condemn Putin’s actions in Ukraine through their usual press statements. We must all condemn Russia’s invasion because, as we said at the outset of this piece, a threat to peace in one part of the universe is a danger to peace everywhere.

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