Editorial: Why Are Coups Still Fashionable in Africa?

January 12, 2022

Battlelines have been drawn between the military junta in Mali and the West Africa sub-regional grouping- Ecowas. Mali’s junta has apparently tracked off it´s transitional path and has asked for more time to ‘sort’ things out Everything held constant, Mali’s transition should in February give way to a civilian arrangement.

But the military has asked for more time and Ecowas is having none of this. This stalemate in consultations has now led to a ping pong as both the Ecowas and the junta have unleashed various sanctions, including closure of borders. Needless to say, the common people will be the most affected.

But a bit of a look into the trajectory of military involvement in Africa’s politics. Since independence, Africa has been struggling with coups. However, the continent has to deal with at least three coups deta’t just last year alone.

Where did the continent get it wrong?

Why is the military still relevant in Africa’s politics?
Some will argue the answers to these questions are there for everyone to see. Whilst some contend that corruption and lack of clear direction on the part of governments are at the root of Africa’s perennial coup crisis. Others see coup as the most ideal thing to tell Presidents, who’ve overstayed their welcome, that time is up.

We cannot still get our heads round the issue of why violent change of governments is still fashionable in Africa when others are resorting to the ballot box. Africa needs to put it’s act together and move as others did.

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