Foni accuses ECOMIG soldiers of unzipping trousers on vulnerable girls

By Modou Sarr


Even as restive calm returns to the flashpoint community of Ballen following the recent outbreak of violence in which two people died, leaving the settlement helpless and hopeless. Residents are calling for the immediate withdrawal of Ecomig in the area. Scores of individuals are accusing Ecomig soldiers posted in that area of throwing their pants on unsuspecting girls, by putting them in a family way.

One Abdoulie Bojang a businessman who hails from Foni on Friday afternoon led a team to the region as he donated food items, soaps, and detergents worth over fifteen thousand dalasis (15,000) to misplaced families who left their villages to settle in other parts of the district namely Bujinga, Burook, Kampant etc. The misplaced families which included women and children were forced to leave their homes in Ballen and Kappa last week when confrontation broke out between the separatist MFDC rebels and the Senegalese forces occupying the Foni region. The forces were part of the ECOWAS contingent deployed into the country in 2016 dubbed restore democracy.

According to eyewitness, the confrontation ensued when a truck driver carrying logs decided to run away as he was stopped by the Senegalese forces. This later escalated into a drawn-out gunfight and loss of lives. A statement from ECOMIG says two of their forces died in the shootout and nine gone missing. As a result, fled for their own safety.

Abdoulie Bojang who hailed for the region and, also an aspiring candidate in the forthcoming National Assembly Elections decided to bail out his community in this difficult time. He donated 8 bags of rice, packets of soaps and detergents to the host families in Bujinga and Burook. The heads of both villages thanked Abdoulie immensely and prayed for his success.

The lady councillor Kaddy Badjie disclosed that as of now they do not receive any help from the government. Even our National Assembly Member (NAM) is yet to intervene, said madam Badjie. Abdoulie is our son and we are confident that our true sons wouldn’t leave us in pain and that’s why he quickly came and intervene. She called for more support from philanthropists as they are having many people to take care.

Meanwhile Abdoulie was on the ground on Monday to deliver much needed food relief to those in need. He paid cars to transport logistics to hungry bellies in the community. The various speakers called on the president to immediately withdraw ECOMIG forces from the region as it is a threat to their fundamental freedom.

Secondly, some of the speakers heaped serious allegations on the ECOMIG soliders: “they are impregnating our school going girls and breaking marriages between couples. The most serious above all is that these forces are living in the midst of our community and our children are seeing these dangerous weapons on a daily basis and which in itself is not good for our children’s future.’’

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