Higher Education Ministry compromises quality education


Even as Gambia’s citadel of learning  overwhelmed with numerous challenges, Ministry of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology is pushing ahead with plans to transform the MDI to an arm of the university.
The University of The Gambia (UTG) is currently grappling with resources constraints as the resource-starved institution lacks sufficient lecturers, lecture halls, library fit for purpose and many other capacity challenges.

Well, the authorities are dreaming big and pushing ahead with the plan of upgrading MDI to a university below is the statement on the issue:

“The Management Development Institute (MDI) is soon to be transformed to a degree awarding institution with a name change to Gambia Institute of Public Administration and Management (GIPAM). MDI is receiving mentorship from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) as the institution works towards its transformation phase.

The Management Development Institute (MDI) was established in 1982 by an Act of Parliament to provide management training, consultancy and research to the public, private and Non-government Sectors. Since its inception, MDI has worked successfully towards the fulfillment of its objectives.

However, the institution has almost been exclusive for the civil service, this is about to change. The Ministry of Higher Education Research Science and Technology’s policy intention for MDI is for the institute to go beyond its civil service targets to include programs on gender and peace studies, transport, and logistics, among others.

Currently, MDI is partnering with Sup De Co in Dakar in delivering master’s degree programs at the newly built campus in the institute. This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in March 2021 between the two parties. MoHERST is also fostering relations between MDI, Sup De Co and GIMPA as they work towards reforming MDI to GIPAM”, the ministry wrote.

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