Imam Sillah urges gov’t to do something about child kidnapping

The Imam of LassWarf mosque in Banjul has called on the government to do something about the worrisome phenomenon of child kidnapping in The Gambia.

Imam Ebriama Sillah made the call during his Friday sermon at the mosque.

He said it will create a big problem in country if the authorities fail to find a solution to the menace. He further stated that a parent cannot raise his or her child for someone to come from nowhere and kidnap that child.

“And you (parent) will not the whereabouts of that child. This is something very serious and it’s happening in The Gambia. If the authorities fail to protect the rights of citizens, then such rights will always be violated by other people,” he added.

He finally advised parents to be more vigilant and desist from sending their children on errands because child kidnapping is rampant in the country and the authorities are silent on the issue.

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