KMC Mayor will attend President Barrow’s swearing-in if invited

 By M. Justice Darboe January 19, 2022

Mayor Bensouda

In what could be described as shifting balance of interest or courtship between the NPP and the main opposition party following the Supreme Court’s decision to repeatedly toss UDP’s election petition,KMC mayor Talib Bensouda is seemingly adopting a reconciliatory tone toward President Barrow.

 Talib Bensouda has called on Messrs. Darboe and Barrow to bury the hatchet and move on. “I will attend the President’s swearing-in if invited,” Mayor Bensouda told Star FM’s Wake-up Gambia Show Monday morning.

The KMC mayor’s tacit endorsement of Mr. Barrow’s declaration by the IEC as winner of last December poll came at a time when UDP was making frantic legal efforts to overturn the poll’s outcome.

Mr. Bensouda late last week sneaked into State House hours after the unveiling of a commission of enquiry to investigate allegations and counter allegations of financial impropriety at KMC under his watch. Councillor Kemo Bojang wrote on his Facebook page that the mayor was at the Presidency on their advice.

He added that it had been resolved at the council level that these allegations and counter allegations of corruption be amicably resolved. “But why should the pro- Bensouda councillors lose sleep over this commission? A clear conscience, they say, fear no accusation,” said one interlocutor keenly following allegations of corruption against CEO Sainabu Martin Sonko and some staff of KMC as well as corruption allegations against the upper echelon of the council.

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