Lands ministry denies constitution of KMC commission witch-hunt

By M. Justice Darboe January 13, 2022

Buba Sanyang, PS Ministry of Local Government and Lands

The unveiling on Tuesday of a four-member commission of enquiry to probe allegations of corruption practices at KMC was apparently met with suspicion in some quarters but the local government ministry said it was not on a witch-hunt.

The commission will now investigate allegations and counter allegations of financial impropriety at one of the country’s largest local councils.
Following allegations of corrupt financial practices against the disgraced former CEO of the council Sainabu Martin Sonko, she retaliated by levelling counter allegations of corruption and other financial malpractices against the upper echelon of the council.

KMC was not impressed with the local government ministry’s level of interest in probing the Martin- Sonko saga.
Meanwhile, the announcement of the KMC commission has left some tongues wagging with some equating the development to a head-hunt.

But the local government ministry disagrees. “If it’s going to be a witch-hunt, it has to be against somebody or an institution,” said the┬áPermanent Secretary at the ministry of lands Buba Sanyang.

He added:”This is the institution itself who reported the problem to the ministry to say there is a corrupt and malpractice by the highest policy body. And also, by the CEO. I think we are helping council to unveil the problem.”

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