Malians in Gambia take to the street

By: Momodou Justice Darboe January 25, 2022

Malians in The Gambia on Saturday protested Ecowas’ sanction against their country. In January, Ecowas in an Extra-ordinary Session in Accra reviewed political developments in Mali in the context of the ongoing transition there since the last summit in December and the bloc has since then imposed sanctions on the country.

This followed the Malian junta’s failure to meet the stipulated deadline of February to restore democratic rule. The Ecowas sanction against Mali has resulted in protests in The Gambia on Saturday with many protesters calling on the sub-regional body to rescind it’s decision.

“These sanctions will not be crippling for only Mali but also the seven countries that bordered it,” explained one of the protesters Issa Sisoho.

“The Ecowas sanction is intended to promote the interest of France and not Mali,” said protester Saidou Barry. “This sanction has been devised to entrap Mali but it’s engineers will woefully fail,” he added. Many protesters wanted the sub-regional bloc’s blockade of borders lifted.

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