President Barrow dashed hopes as he retains cabinet

By: Momodou Justice Darboe

Following a public pushback, President Adama Barrow’s new cabinet was on Thursday sworn-in, but the matter has been likened to the case of pouring old wine into a new bottle. Earlier this month, no. 1 Marina Parade announced Mr. Barrow has decided to transition with his past cabinet into the new dispensation.

But this was met with public rebuke on grounds it contravened the constitution. Now, the President has fulfilled the constitutional mandate after Thursday’s swearing-in. President Barrow said the new cabinet is transitional as work on the formation of the cabinet progresses.

Addressing the ministers with whom he transitioned from his first term into the second, Mr. Barrow expressed appreciation and gratitude for their contributions in the past dispensation.

He pointed out that his government has carved out a legacy that would forever remain ingrained in the country’s history.

Mr. Barrow however clarified that the new cabinet is a transitional arrangement. Minister of Environment Lamin Dibba spoke on behalf of his colleagues and in his speech, he lauded Mr. Barrow’s leadership qualities as phenomenal.

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