Touma, VP Touray clash over constitution amendment bill 2021

By: Momodou Justice Darboe

A war of words on Monday broke out between the Vice President and Touma Njai following the latter’s frustration over the lack of progress in the Constitution Amendment Bill 2021. The bill could not be voted on at the resumption of sittings on Monday after the legislature fell short of quorum to vote on the bill’s second reading.
Feathers were subsequently ruffled when Banjul South’s Touma Njai accused VP Touray of lethargy. Touma Njai was mad at the VP for ‘not supporting’ the bill she pushed before the legislature for enactment.
But VP Touray could not have any of this as she counter accused Touma of trying to use the bill as political capital. “You are not telling the truth. Who told you I am not in support of the bill? You are trying to politicize everything, and this bill should not be politicized,” the VP retorted.
“She is lying,” the VP told women activists that were placating her. The VP was subsequently taken away by Halifa Sallah.

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