UDP’s Madi Ceesay accuses Barrow of weaponizing Alkalo´s salary

By: Momodou Justice Darboe February 10, 2022

The National Assembly Member for Serekunda West has accused the Barrow government of weaponizing the remuneration of Alkalolu. Madi Ceesay also accused the administration of dishonesty in the way it treats the issue.

He told this reporter that the government has been dishonest to the population by indicating that the project was their brainchild. “This was a budget line approved by the UDP-dominated National Assembly.

We are questioning their sincerity because they want to use this as a political tool. It’s dishonest for him, (Barrow) to say that he is paying Alkalos,” he fumed. “We all have goodwill,” he added. Mr. Ceesay also hauled the Barrow administration over the coals for “attempting’ to weaponise the issue for political gains.

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