US, UK yet to felicitate Barrow?

By M. Justice Darboe January 24, 2022

In what could be described as stark deviation from diplomatic norms, President Adama Barrow has yet to publicly announce receipt of any message of felicitations from his UK, US and some EU equivalents following his declaration by IEC as winner of the general election.

The Gambia government said it was not aware of any correspondences from Joe Biden of US, Boris Johnson of UK, Emmanuel Macron of France, and Olaf Scholz of Germany, congratulating Mr. Barrow.

Biden has though announced a presidential delegation to Mr. Barrow’s inauguration last week. The EU, UK and US have remained Gambia’s resolute and steadfast partners, spanning several decades. They’ve in the past five years pumped millions of euros into Gambia’s transition from dictatorship to democracy.

Key areas of cooperation included the strengthening of Gambia’s institutions of security, economy, education, and other areas of human development. “I’m not aware,” responded the Gambia government spokesperson Ebrima G. Sankareh when asked as to whether US, UK and EU leaders have reached out to Mr. Barrow to pat him on the back as declared winner of December poll.

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