All eyes on Barrow’s in-coming cabinet

January 6, 2022

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It’s still more than ten days before President Barrow is sworn-in for the second time but already tongues have started wagging about his new cabinet.
The look of Mr Barrow’s next cabinet is dominating public discourse for litany of reasons.
Whilst some are drifting the conversation towards the composition of the cabinet, others are more concerned about how Mr Barrow will utilize this opportunity to turn the country’s fortunes around.

Mr. Barrow will certainly be confronted with the nerve-wracking problem of discerning from the caboodle of intellectuals and politicians that supported his re-election.
But another line of conversation revolves around the possibility of old wine in new bottle.
We are yet to see how will that pans out.
But what appear to be uppermost in the minds of many people is a cabinet that will be inclusive, responsive and reflective.

We are watching!

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