Enlit Africa to host virtual confab on Power System Resilience in West Africa

By Vincent Ogo

July 19, 2021

Enlit Africa in partnership with Esi Africa will be organising A 60-minute virtual conference to dilate on power system resilience in West Africa is slated for Wednesday 28 July, 2021. Participants will be in a roundtable discussion in which they will be engaging with a number of policy makers, planners and system operators to understand what opportunities are being explored, the timelines for these and to get an understanding of how these interventions are going to impact the grid in the future.

“The ability of the national grid to recovery quickly from a number of threats – both natural and manmade – is a key indicator of the transition toward a new energy dynamic. Grid flexibility in the face of any number of uncertainties, however, takes planning, investment and coordination between any number of stakeholders.”

Discussions points include at the: Identification of threats – technological, human or man-made; Mitigation strategies; Solution implementation; Interventions already in play

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