Jollof rice: A South African describes Gambian Benechin as a taste of ‘West Africa’

By Vincent Ogo

July 12, 2021

A South African, Linda Kaumphawi has described Benechin as a taste of West Africa.  In her article on Thesouthafrican (magazine) she wrote: “Enjoy a taste of West Africa this winter with this jollof rice recipe. This spicy rice is loaded with flavour and extremely popular in West Africa. One bite of this flavour-infused dish and you will never want to eat your rice any other way again.

“Each West African country has its own nuances to jollof rice. However, whichever country’s traditional rice you happen to taste, you will fall in love instantly. The characteristic reddish colour of jollof rice adds so much colour to any plate of food. This colour is thanks to the combination of palm oil, tomatoes and peppers.”

She adds: “Whip this fragrant-rich dish together in just over an hour and get ready for an African taste experience. Enjoy with fried chicken or beef. However, it is so delicious that you may oftentimes just crave a generous helping of jollof rice without any meat. It’s really that delicious!”

Thesouthafrican covers a wide range of topics from politics to sport.

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