The Gunjur mini stadium project is sliding into oblivion 4 years after its launch

In 2018, hopes were raised sky-high when the GFF received $10 million from Fifa to build a mini stadium in the coastal town. But the excitement and sense of pride that greeted the unveiling of the plan are now metamorphosing into growing doubts and fast-eroding confidence.

“Faith in the project is gradually broken by incompetence, failures and lack of trust on how the project is dragging,” a UK-based Gunjurian Ebrima Scattred Janneh wrote on Gunjur online newspaper. He argued that the project has been stumbling on one block to another and hope it does not suffer similar fate of many failed public projects as a result of ‘subtle and insidious corruption’.

“The GFF, therefore, must come out and tell the people of Gunjur why the mini stadium project is stillborn,” he demanded.

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